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Would the real RilesSew please...


     Right, so I'm a senior at Briarcrest in Memphis, TN...yeah, the same Memphis that's the number one US city in bankrupcy, top 25 in crime, and now I think we just made the 'top 10 scariest places' to live list. Yep...good ol' Memphis.
     Stuff I like to do- my favorite sports are football and basketball (played school for both). I like writing my own songs, playing guitar...basically, making up for the fact that there's nothing to do in Memphis...
     In the near future I'll be off to the college life, living on campus at beautiful Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama and majoring in political science. I plan on graduate school at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. After that, I hope to engage in a political career in state or federal government.
     Things I look for in a girl- this could be summed up in a few words. HONESTY. LOYALTY. I don't lie or cheat in relationships and I expect the  same. I have infinite trust in someone until I have reason not to, but I bring the axe down before I deal with crap. Also, I'm a sucker for girls with dyed hair and piercings, and those who smell good. Don't deal with hos, sluts, or skanks, so go ho somebody else, ho. 

I guess that about does it.
Peace out.


Favorite Stuff

Full Name: Joseph Weston Siler
Age: 18
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 190 lbs.
Employment: Macaroni Grill in Bartlett
Vehicle: White 1998 S-10
Vehicle of choice: Black 2003 TransAm Firebird
Favorite TV: The Real World, David Chapelle Show,  Reno 911, Trigger Happy TV
Favorite Movie: Oceans 11
Book: Hunt for Red October
College Team: Alabama Crimson Tide
Pro Team: Denver Broncos
Food: Sirloin